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"Could Not Find Order" when I use the tracking page
"Could Not Find Order" when I use the tracking page
Updated over a week ago

4 reasons can explain this "Could Not Find Order" error message showing when using our tracking page

1. Your order is too recent

Usually tracking details are available 2-3 working days after you have placed your order. Please kindly try again after this delay.

2. You might not have the correct order ID

Your order ID can be found in the confirmation email you received. Find it in the following formats:

  • or orders: 6-digit number

  • orders: Starts with "LIVLAB.CARE-" followed by a 4-digit number

  • TV Deals: Starts with "Ghoomband" or "GDodow" followed by a 4-digit number

  • Starts with "GU-" followed by a 7-digit number, ending with "-DODOW"

Check our full guide on finding your Order ID here:

3. There's been an issue on our side

If it's been more than 3 working days since you placed your order and no tracking details are available, we invite you to reach out to us. 📬

It may be coming from a display issue:

Your package tracking may not align correctly with your order number. In this case, it's simply a display issue. A member of our customer service team can provide you with accurate tracking information.

Or from order information not or incorrectly transmitted to our logistics partner:

It's also possible that your order hasn't been dispatched. We need to identify the source of this issue, often stemming from an error in the delivery address. Alternatively, it could be a connectivity problem between our database and our logistics partners'.

In either case, no need to worry. A team member will work to resolve the issue with your order as quickly as possible!

4. Your order is handled by Amazon logistics (England, Canada and Australia)

Some orders may be handled by Amazon logistics, especially in Australia, Canada and England. (even if you placed your order on our website).

This is uncommon but it can happen. Our tracking page is not yet able to track these orders. But you should receive the tracking directly from Amazon.

Contact us, we will have a deeper look into this and will do our best to find the best solution for you.

Directly from this page, click the orange button in the bottom right corner of your screen to open our messenger, and then, click on "Send us a message".

You can also call us:

  • 🇺🇸 +1 888-960-6296

  • 🇫🇷 +33 1 76 35 07 82

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