How to find my order ID?
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What is your order ID?

Your order number is 6-digit number. It's the number that will help us identify your order and find it back in our data base.

We have shared it to you by email just after your purchase!

🔍 Go to your mailbox and look for "your order is confirmed" in the searchbar.

You can also search for:

  • "Caroline from Dodow" for Dodow orders;

  • "Hoom Support" for Hoomband orders

If you can't find back your order ID

  1. You can check in every mailbox you may have used when placing your order.

  2. You can contact us to ask for our help. We should be able to find it back with the full name you used to place your order!

☞ To reach out to us, you can click the button in the bottom right corner of your screen to open our messenger. Then, click on "Send us a message".

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