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First Steps: Starting with your Ultimate Hoomband
First Steps: Starting with your Ultimate Hoomband

First time using the Ultimate, we got you!

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Getting Started

Unbox your Hoomband and familiarize yourself with its components: the sleep mask, headphones, and USB-C charging cable.

Charge the Hoomband using the provided USB-C cable before first use to ensure optimal performance.

Adjusting the Headband

The Hoomband is adjustable to fit various head sizes comfortably. Find the right fit by adjusting the strap to ensure a snug yet not overly tight feel.

For optimal audio quality, adjust the position of the earphones within the headband to ensure they align properly with your ears when the headband is worn.

Pairing with Bluetooth

Turn on the Hoomband by pressing and holding the power button located on the front of the mask.

Activate Bluetooth on your device (smartphone, tablet, etc.).

Search for available devices and select "Hoomband" from the list to pair the headphones with your device.

Discover the app content

Once paired, you can download and open the app.
Use the code given in the box to unlock all the content.

Browse the app and play the track that suits your needs:

  • A Story to fall asleep for the whole night or a nap. Guaranteed recovery!

  • An Ambiance to isolate you, concentrate, meditate, or fall asleep.

Maximize the benefits of our audio with the options at your disposal:

  • Create your playlist

  • Include in your favorites

  • Start a loop playback track

  • etc...

To go further, check the Hoomband app articles collection here: Hoomband App

Adjusting Volume

Control the volume with your phone. Find the right volume level that helps you relax without disturbing your sleep.

Using the 100% Blackout Mask

The Hoomband features a 100% blackout mask, providing complete darkness to enhance your sleep environment. Adjust the mask to cover your eyes fully without putting pressure on them.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Remove the electronic components from the sleep mask before cleaning. The mask is handwashable.

Check this article to help you: How to wash my headband

Charging Your Hoomband

When the battery is low, use the provided USB-C cable to charge the Hoomband. Connect it to a USB power source like a computer or a charger of 10W maximum for safe and efficient charge.

⚠️Avoid using a charger, such as a direct wall charger, if you are uncertain about its power compatibility.

Video Summary

By following these simple steps, you can maximize the benefits of your Hoomband Ultimate Sleep Headphones and enjoy a restful night's sleep with immersive sound and complete darkness.
Morpheus' arms are waiting for you 🤗

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