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Can I use Dodow if I sleep on my side or stomach?
Can I use Dodow if I sleep on my side or stomach?

Will Dodow work for me if I'm a side sleeper or if I sleep on my stomach?

Updated over a week ago

Dodow projects a halo of light directly on your ceiling. Which means, you have to do the breathing exercise... lying on your back 😱

No worries though, we got you covered 😌

Only the exercise needs to be done lying on your back. Lying on your back actually makes you more receptive to the benefits of Dodow (breathing while lying on your back makes it easier to relax).

When doing the exercise, you'll feel at some point you're getting drowsy. At this stage, you're not asleep yet, you're in the transition stage, the one that takes your body and mind from being awake to being asleep.

This is the moment to change for your preferred sleep position! Falling asleep should be a matter of a few seconds then 🥱

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