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Enjoy a Deep, Restful Sleep with Dodow

If you're having trouble sleeping, Dodow may be the perfect solution. By syncing your breath with Dodow's rhythm (6 breaths per minute), you activate the baroreflex—a physiological mechanism restoring balance to the autonomic nervous system. This helps you easily transition from an alert state 🚨 (sympathetic nervous system activation) to a restful state 😴 (parasympathetic nervous system activation), akin to the post-digestion drowsiness.

Breathing in harmony with the slow, pulsating light creates a hypnotic effect, akin to the mesmerizing sway of a pendulum. In just a few minutes, you can release tension and embrace slumber! 💤

What Are the Benefits of Using Dodow?

  • Effortless Sleep Onset: Dodow expedites the process of falling asleep, making it quicker and more seamless.

  • Physiological Harmony: By stimulating the baroreflex, Dodow helps restore balance to the autonomic nervous system, promoting a shift from alertness to restfulness.

  • Natural Brain Retraining: Over time, Dodow retrains your brain to initiate sleep independently, fostering confidence in your body's ability to achieve rest.

  • Reduced Anxiety: The hypnotic effect of Dodow's rhythmic light helps calm the mind, reducing anxiety and promoting a tranquil sleep environment.

  • Automatic Turn-Off: Dodow is designed for convenience, turning off automatically at the end of each session to ensure an uninterrupted night's rest.

  • Long-Term Effectiveness: Some users report that, after a few months of use, Dodow becomes so effective that they no longer require it for consistent, quality sleep.

Unlock the benefits of Dodow and experience a rejuvenating night's sleep.

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Guided Dodow Exercise

  1. Place Dodow on your nightstand or within your line of sight.

  2. Lie on your back in bed and activate the device.

  3. Dodow projects a calming light onto your ceiling.

  4. Follow the breathing pattern of the expanding and retracting light.

  5. Dodow turns off automatically at the end of the session.

Focus on the exercise to divert your mind from unwelcome thoughts, promoting a tranquil transition into the realm of restful sleep.

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