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How can Dodow help you fall asleep, results you can except and additional exercises to increase its efficiency

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How Dodow will help you fall asleep faster

Dodow is a sleep aid device that projects a blue halo of light onto your ceiling.

Actually, Dodow won't prevent you from waking up during the night, but it can help you fall asleep quickly!

By breathing long enough at Dodow's rhythm (6 breaths per minute):

  • You stimulate the baroreflex, a small physiological mechanism that restores the balance of the autonomic nervous system.

  • You will quickly go from a state of alert 🚨 (activation of the sympathetic nervous system)...

  • a state of rest 😴 (activation of the parasympathetic nervous system), the same state you are in during digestion: slightly drowsy.

Synchronising your breathing to a light that pulses at a slow and steady rhythm has kind of a hypnotic effect (the phenomenon is similar to that of looking at a pendulum).

So, after a few minutes you are able to let go and fall asleep! 💤

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Objectives with Dodow

Perhaps one of the most unique things about Dodow is that it actually retrains your brain to fall asleep on its own.

After a few months, you will regain confidence in yourself 💪, you will realise that your body is very good at falling asleep on its own, when the mind or the anxiety do not interact.

It can be so effective, that some users say that after a few month, they don’t need to use it anymore!

How to follow Dodow's exercice

Place Dodow on your nightstand (or wherever you want so that the light is in your line of sight) , lay down on your back in bed and turn the device on:

  • Dodow projects a light onto your ceiling

  • Follow the breathing pattern of the light

  • Inhaling, when the beams expend and exhaling when it retracts

  • Dodow switches itself off automatically as soon as the session is over.

Focusing your attention on the exercise allows you to put aside unwanted thoughts that would usually keep you awake!

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