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Dodow - Why it works

The virtues of cardiac coherence

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Benefit the power of cardiac coherence

Dodow is a sleep aid device that projects a blue halo of light onto your ceiling. Synchronize your breath with the light movement and you will practice cardiac coherence.

This form of breathing is used by professional skippers to fall asleep quickly during their trips.
Breathing through cardiac coherence induces a mechanical physiological response in your body that helps you fall asleep fast or more importantly naturally 😴

With Dodow, it feels like gaining control of your own ON/OFF button

What happens in your body:

  • Deactivation of your sympathetic nervous system responsible for the state of alert/vigilance.

  • Activation of the parasympathetic nervous system responsible for recovery, relaxation, and sleep.
    This is the state of relaxation, the same state you find yourself in during digestion: drowsy.

💡In this state, your body is physiologically in the perfect condition to sleep.

In addition, the light of the Dodow also has a hypnotic effect, which accelerates falling asleep.
(It is a powerful phenomenon, the same effect that television can have when you doze off in front of it, although it is well-known that its light should keep you awake).

So, after a few minutes using Dodow, you will let go and fall asleep!

Explore our scientifically-backed demonstration here

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