What are HoomBand ambiences?

Are there contents with no voice?

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Our types of ambient sounds

Ambient Sounds are binaural frequencies, sounds of nature, sunny chords, ASMR, and many more...

☞ Listen to Cardiac Coherence and synchronise your breath to the music and relax for a moment.

White, brown & pink noises

White noises are ideal to isolate yourself from surrounding noises and to avoid waking up during the whole night. White noise enhances the quality of your sleep and will help you relax.

☞ Perfect for meditation or improving concentration, you can even listen to it at work.

Immersive ambiences

A handpicked selection of white noises. These sounds present no dominant pitch or tone, perfect to help you escape from any unwanted noises from your surroundings and help you to relax in your day to day life.

Relaxing music

These compositions were developed by sleep, meditation and relaxation professionals. Each track will help you unload and relax from your everyday life. You may also use them as lullabies to send you to sleep or as a relaxing background for your meditation and yoga sessions.

Nature sounds

Our expert team hunted down the most thought provoking sounds. These different sounds will help you let go and will allow you to reach peace and tranquility.

Travel ambiences

Listen to our travel ambient sounds to escape while lying in your bed.

☞ If you want to listen one of our soundscape for free, you can play here Binaural beats for deep sleep + rain :

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