What are HoomBand stories?

Is there only relaxing music on the app?

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Our different kinds of Hoom Stories

Hypnotic stories

Hypnotic stories are a clever mix of hypnosis and storytelling. You are the hero of the story you're listening to. The voice of the narrator will help you dive in an imaginary universe as if you were the main character of a movie. We added in the narration some elements taken from hypnosis and relaxation to help induce sleep during the story.

Immersive documentaries

With Immersive documentaries, discover the works of famous artists, dive into the mysteries of the universe, relive Greek mythology, and more!

Guided meditations

Deep meditation helps you relax through meditation and controlled breathing. Our narrators use different kinds of exercise to help you relax and to prepare your body and mind to fall into a deep sleep (body scan, breathing exercises, heart coherence, etc...)

Listen for example to Green Haven and return to nature with this pleasant walk through a calm woodlands ripe with every shade of green and cleanest air that nature has to offer.

☞ Listen to our free story (available on Youtube): A journey to inner Earth

Check our guide on Sleep ambiences here:

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