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What is HoomBook?
What is HoomBook?
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HoomBook is currently available only in French. Similar techniques to those explained below are applied in audio content for the HoomBand app, accessible with the purchase of a HoomBand or HoomBand Ultimate.

The contents of HoomBook have been designed in collaboration with sleep experts (relaxation, hypnosis, meditation, ...). Let us explain why you will never hear the end of HoomBook stories...

📖 Story Structure

1- Introduction

The story starts a bit like an episode or a Netflix film. It's to get you involved in the narrative!

This is a crucial step. The beginning of the story must be more interesting than your thoughts for your brain. As you know, it's challenging to stop the stream of thoughts that keeps you awake in bed.

2- Setting the Stage

Subtly, the narrator invites you to relax and prepares you for the next phase, deepening. Following the principles of hypnosis, we address the unconscious and suggest slowing down, detaching from intrusive thoughts, and preparing for the dream by exploring themes such as space, northern lights, travel, the Garden of Eden, or even... cats! 🐈

3- Deepening

Now, the goal is to let your unconscious take over, setting aside the thoughts and problems weighing on you. Through hypnotic inductions (phrasing, tone, repetitions...), you become increasingly relaxed, and the conscious mind gradually gives way to the unconscious.

4- Release

While your thoughts and problems are far behind, the narrator subtly guides you towards a state of emptiness, calm, and peace. The release should be a moment of happiness. The narrator may invite you to "turn off" your body and mind. It's the ideal moment to fall asleep (if you haven't already...)

🗣 Slow and Warm Voices

We've chosen the best voices to help you relax and guide you to sleep! The tone used by our narrators, along with the extremely slow pace of narration, promotes relaxation and letting go.

✨ Sprinkling Technique

Sprinkling is emphasizing certain words or syllables in a sentence to send a message to the unconscious. It's a highly effective and commonly used hypnosis technique.

To highlight the chosen words, one can either leave a short silence before and after or modify the voice. The key is for it to be discreet enough not to be perceived by the conscious mind. In summary, it's a subliminal message inserted into the script.

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