Can I let my child play alone?
Updated over a week ago

You can let your child experiment with HoomKid alone.
It will allow them to discover their inner self and develop their sense of initiative, letting them choose what they want to listen to.

This does not prevent you from participating in the sessions with them (or even trying it yourself 🤫).

  • The booklet is made of very thick cardboard, no risk of tearing!

  • The wheel is easy to handle and intuitive, even for the little ones!

We advise you to follow the first sessions with your child (especially for the smallest ones) to understand how the HoomKid works and should be used. Then, they can use it with total autonomy.

Try to leave the HoomKid at your child's disposal. You will certainly be surprised to see your child go and get his or her HoomKid at certain moments of sadness, anger, or frustration, for example, and calm down completely independently!

📖 Don't forget to read the Parents' Guide!

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