It depends on your eyesight. Most people who wear glasses or contact lens will be able to see it. If you can't, you may just need to adjust the brightness of the light! (3 brightness settings are available)

Dodow's light is quite diffuse, you should be able to follow its rhythm even if you are near or far-sighted. For exemple, Pierre 🤓, our co-founder, is near-sighted but he uses Dodow without any difficulty.

Besides, you can try Dodow for 100 days risk-free with our Money Back guarantee.
If you realize you cannot distinct the movements of the light, you can send your Dodow back and get a refund!

Read our users' feedback about nearsightedness

So, if you are used to using a sleep/eye-mask, and have terrible eye sight and usually wear glasses: this thing is pretty much useless?

Can this work with someone with nearsightedness?

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