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Will Dodow work on a vaulted, wood, or textured ceiling?
Will Dodow work on a vaulted, wood, or textured ceiling?
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Dodow projects a blue halo of light directly onto your ceiling. To be able to follow the exercise, you actually need to be able to see the movements of the light.

Dodow can be used on a variety of ceilings. It has 3 different brightness settings, so you are able to adjust the it until you can see the light clearly.

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Textured ceilings

Some of our users state that they couldn't distinct the light movements because of textured ceilings. Some others would find it works though.

The description now says 'only works on flat ceiling'. If I have orange peel, will the light shape be indistinct and stressful?

My bedroom ceiling is what’s considered popcorn. It is not totally flat. Will this work on a popcorn ceiling?

High ceilings

High ceilings shouldn't prevent you from distincting Dodow's halo of light. You should be able to select a brightness settings adapted to the height of your room. Just make sure it's dark enough!

Will this product work effectively with 12 ft. ceilings?

No ceiling

Using Dodow with a high or textured ceiling

If you feel Dodow can help you fall asleep faster and get better sleep, we definitely it's worth trying it, as it comes with a 100-day money back guarantee.

Also, some of our users (that couldn't distinct the light on their ceilings, or side-sleepers), are using books or any other object to prop Dodow up and have the light reflecting on their walls for example.

How can you make this work on a high, slanted ceiling?

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