How to set up your Dodow

Installation steps to use your Dodow for the first time

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Open the battery lid and insert batteries

When you receive your Dodow, you have to insert the batteries that are delivered within the box. To open the battery lid, you can either use:

  • your finger 👆

  • a screwdriver 🪛

  • a coin 🪙

Then, you can insert the batteries and close the lid.

To open the battery lid, you have to turn the screw counter-clockwise

⚠️ Make sure you insert the batteries in the correct direction.

Turn Dodow on and choose the desired mode

To turn Dodow on, you just have to tap the touchpad once (or twice) with your finger.

2 modes are available, you can choose between the 8-minute mode and the 20-minute one.

How to select the desired mode:

  • tap the touchpad once for the 8-min mode

  • tap the touchpad twice for the 20-min mode

You can also switch to the 20-minute mode during the 8 minute-mode (if you want to avoid starting the exercise again from scratch).

☞ To do so, tap the touchpad twice during the exercise.

Set the 20 minutes mode:

Change the brightness settings (optional)

If the light projected onto the ceiling isn’t quite right, you can always adjust the brightness setting.

3 different brightness settings are available! Check the video 👇

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