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💤 Optimize Your Dodow Experience: Maximize the Zzzs
I tried Dodow, and it didn't work - what should I do?
I tried Dodow, and it didn't work - what should I do?

Overcoming Initial Challenges with Dodow

Updated over a week ago

If Dodow does not help you on the first nights, it is normal!

It can take up to a few days (or more than a week sometimes) before you can actually get the most out of your Dodow and start improving your sleep 💪
Your body is getting used to a new habit. As for when you do sport again, your body needs to adapt.

For stronger effects, we advise you to try the 20-minute session a few times before going back to the 8 min. Practicing with this longer session leads to better effects and faith in this new method.
Enjoy the practice, and results will come. 😴
​You can trust this process. Dodow has tangible effects on your physiology, triggering the parasympathetic automatic nervous system responsible for regulating relaxation, sleep, and recovery. It naturally guides you towards a state of calmness.
👉 More details on the article: how does Dodow work?
With the 20-minute session, you'll undoubtedly see better results, as it grants you more time to immerse yourself in the breathing exercise.

Supplementary exercise 🏋️

While practicing with Dodow you can try these tips that will improve the experience:

  1. Put your hand on the bottom of your stomach on your skin. Skin contact soothing

  2. Choose 2 simple words that you will say in your head while breathing as "1" when inhaling and then "2" when exhaling.

How long should you keep trying? ⌛

Dodow is here to assist you, and you can continue using it for as long as necessary – that's why we offer a 100-day trial. 😉
Research has shown that the initial experience with Dodow may not always yield conclusive results. Success largely depends on your sensitivity and dedication.

💡 Actually, only half of Dodow users fall asleep at the end of the first session.

Dodow should be the last thing you should do before sleeping. Implementing this habit will help you have better results.

What should I expect from Dodow?

Dodow helps unlock the process of falling asleep and speeds it up.

However, it would be unrealistic to expect a drastic reduction in the time taken to fall asleep, e.g. from 2 hours to 2 minutes on your first week using Dodow.

Falling asleep faster is like exercising 🏋️‍♂️, you have to train on a regular basis to reach the goals you've set for yourself!

It can take some time to reach your goals. Up to several months with Dodow.

Most of our users have had to practice for some months (yes), but most of them report being now able to fall asleep within a couple of minutes, on their own!

And... we're pretty sure you can too 💪

Patience is the key 🗝

The best thing to do is to remain patient and to place this intent in your mind:

'I will remain patient'

We cannot over-emphasize this word, as being patient is the best way to fall asleep quickly. Actually, it will relieve you from the stress of having to fall asleep, which is a contributing factor to insomnia 😴

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