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Is Dodow suitable for children or the elderly?

Can my kid use Dodow?

Updated over a week ago

Yes ! Although with their lesser breathing capacity, it will probably take them a little longer (2 or 3 sessions) to get used to the rhythm of slow breathing.

😍 We've received feedback from many parents, about their kids using Dodow to fall asleep. Check their comments below

Some children are very anxious at bedtime. They can have all kinds of fears, ranging from fear of the dark to those of monsters hiding under the bed. They may also fear being alone or having nightmares.

Fear is a psychological phenomenon, but it is also physiological: neurotransmitters are released, and they keep your child awake. A vicious circle then sets in: your child is afraid, so they do not fall asleep, then the stress of not falling asleep is added to the already existing stress ...

Dodow is particularly suited to people who are afraid of the dark.

Interested in learning more about insomnia in children? Read our blog article about this topic.

What Mashable says about kids using Dodow here:

"Dodow claims to help people fall asleep in as little as eight minutes – including kids over the age of six. It works by shining an expanding and contracting blue light on the ceiling of your bedroom – you do your part by synchronizing your breathing with the light.

Dodow's rhythm of six breaths per minute aims to take kids from a state of alertness or agitation to the resting (slightly sleepy) state.

It’s a night light with a difference, giving kids who feel anxious at bedtime or wake up during the night and struggle to fall back asleep something to focus on other than their thoughts or fears. The hypnotic effect of the regular pulsation of light aids with relaxation."

Parents' feedback:

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